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What is TeleTutor

TeleTutor, an Interactive Flat Panel, is an all-in-one solution for smart boards and is the most advanced technology in the market to deliver information. This 10-point touch screen that integrates projector, screen, computer, whiteboard, advertising player and LED display, comes with the complete freedom to choose or create your own content and its customizable specifications gives you control over its performance.

TeleTutor includes both Windows and Android platform options and thus gives its users flexibility and access to use the world-wide available content and software resources. Being interactive, it empowers the teachers to take up lectures in the traditional manner and at the same time, helps them incorporate the digital content, thus saving time, completing syllabus ahead of time and creating a deeper impact on students. This future proof one-time solution is ready for any and all upcoming innovations of tomorrow.

Features of TeleTutor


Create your own apps and modules as per your requirement. Institutions can opt for their own CRMs and plug-ins so cater their needs. Attendance, notifications, feedback and any other modules can be created and used with TeleTutor.

Dual OS

Option to run Windows and Android operating systems for maximum benefits of content, applications, softwares and resources in the digital market. These dual OS can run simultaneously.

The Next Step

TeleTutor is the product that ensures the next step in smart education. Windows enabled platform can be used to link additional devices and collect real-time data from students, employees and help ensure a fruitful participation in the daily activities.


A one-time replacement for all projectors, screens, computers, whiteboards, advertising player and LED displays and free from the hassle of wires. TeleTutor is the future proof solution for all sectors and applications with a single pluggable socket and easy to use front ports.


The open platform provides flexibility and freedom to use or even create any form of content. The innovative product can be suited to your requirements and comfort, based on your choice.


As the hardware is OPS (open pluggable system) based, upgrading the specs is easy and affordable. TeleTutor can be upgraded from time to time based on the requirements and desires of its users and available innovations in the market.


TeleTutor has an Infra-Red (IR) 10-point touch screen ensuring quick response and recognition. It allows multiple people to use it at the same time such as a group of students. The interactive feature allows you to write over an on-going video or presentation and make it descriptive.

Applications of TeleTutor

Educational Institutions

Teachers can make teaching interactive in classrooms, save time and make learning fun for students. Use of videos, choice of digital content and student interaction ensures an effective teaching methodology. With the unbound access to content around the world using the dual operating systems and the capability to collect real-time data and feedback from students, education can be made “Truly Smart.”

Corporate and Offices

Presentations can now be made interactive, conferences can ensure an involved participation for all colleagues and training sessions will ensure everyone progresses together with TeleTutor. Real Time information display, receiving instant feedbacks and tracking requests are some basic uses of TeleTutor.


Display of information about doctors and appointments along with the access to a doctor’s professional experience and specialization is now possible. Patients can thus choose the right person to consult with. Digitalized prescriptions and reports for long term use and one product for doctors can be used for all purposes.

Booking Centers

Information for any kind of booking for trains, flights, cinemas, buses can be displayed and bookings can be made instantly on TeleTutor. Delivering information about services and promotional offers for advertisements can also be done using the very same screen.

Hotels and Restaurants

Display of menu, recreational activities, rooms and other facilities along with detailed description if needed can be made interactive to book or query. TeleTutor becomes the go to information desk in any hotel for any query of guests.

Airports and Malls

Navigating you way around, exploring all available shops at the same time and accepting customer’s valuable feedback can all be now done with one product. Along with this, engagement for a product advertisement or upcoming information can also be displayed.


Operating System

Windows 10
Android 5.1 (optional)


Windows - Celeron i3, i5, i7
Android - MSD6A638


120GB SSD / 240GB SSD


Wifi enabled


Windows - 4GB / 8GB RAM
Android 1GB RAM, 4GB / 8GB ROM


Resolution - 1920 x 1080p IPS Panel
Touch - 10 point multi-touch IR panel



Writing pen
Wall mount stand
User Manual
Warranty Card


Floor stand
Remote control pen

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