About TeleTutor

TeleTutor and the Environment

With TeleTutor, we at Amar Overseas always make our best efforts to reduce environmental impact by reducing as much waste as possible, trying to reduce power consumption with our efficient designs, and our commitment to using recycled materials. We give utmost priority and consideration to recycling and make our best efforts in creating awareness regarding the same. Minimum waste disposal and maximum recycling is a goal that we work towards everyday so as to achieve a balanced, safe and secure living environment for the community. We firmly believe that it is our social and ethical responsibility to work towards a greener and stable future for the society where people can lead a prosperous life. In order to live in harmony with nature, we encourage everyone to recycle to the fullest and reduce footprint to an extent where we can happily coexist with mother-nature.

Waste Collection Programme

Amar Overseas complies with the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2017. As part of Extended Producers’ Responsibility, we have set up a collection mechanism to channelize and dispose e-waste.

Collection and Storage of E-Waste

Amar Overseas has partnered with J.A.O. E-Waste Recycler registered with Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board for the environmentally safe and sound management recycling for all of our e-waste. J.A.O. E-Waste Recycler have all the authorization related to e-waste dismantling and recycling from UPPCB/CPCB.

Also we have partnered with DTDC Express Ltd. for door to door collection of e-waste. It is part of the agreement that DTDC Express Ltd. will collect e-waste from the collection centers and carry them to the recycler plant in environmentally safe and sound manner in order to recycle/dismantle the same. The E-Waste can also be dropped off at any of the DTDC locations across India from where the same will be carried for recycling.

As per the agreement, environmentally safe, sound transportation and handling of all our e-waste collected from door to door service will be done by Logistics partner.

If any customer wants to handover their old product they can reach out to us on our Toll free no. +91 18002700268 and register themselves. Once registered, request for the pick-up will transfer to our Logistics Partner and instructions for the same will be sent to the customer.

During the collection of the e-waste, Customer will be provided with the receipt with the product description that can be used to gain the benefits of our e-waste policies/ Schemes.

Damages and Consequences caused by E-Waste

Electronic components contain plethora of toxic materials in varying degrees that contribute directly to a disrupted ecosystem. The dangerous traces of methyl, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, Lead, Barium and Polybrominated Flame Retardants then seep into the soil, polluting the groundwater. If thrown in an inferno, the burnt cadmium along with other toxic substances can very well pollute the air. Many of the chemical compounds present in the electronics are cancerous in nature.

While burning the components is a major part of it, the polluted air isn’t just caused by them. In fact, just throwing them into the trash can lead to the poor air quality. Improper disposal of waste will also cause harm to animals and marine ecosystem since they rely on the environment to survive. High levels of certain minerals and metals can also stunt or kill plants, disturbing the local ecosphere dramatically.

Improper disposal of harmful wastes also directly affects the economy. It costs states more to deal with side effects such as health crisis, environmental programs and the lack of employment muscle due to death. This generally cripples members of the state that would be otherwise very productive.

It is important that measures are taken to deal with harmful waste. The bottom line is that bad waste management practices can result in land and air pollution and can cause respiratory problems and other adverse health effects.

Do’s and Don’ts


1. Always look for the information on the catalogue or on product for end of life equipment handling.
2. All the electrical and electronic products are required to be handed over only to the authorized dealers or logistic partners.
3. Keep the product in the isolated area, after it becomes non- functional/ unrepairable as to prevent its accidental breakage.
4. If unwanted electronic equipment still work or can be repaired then consider donating them.


1. Do not dispose the product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches to landfill.
2. Don’t sell or give the discarded hardware to any trash dealer.
3. Do not mix the products into household waste stream.
4. The product should not be opened by user himself/herself, but only by authorized service personnel.

Collection Centers and Helplines

You can reach out to us anytime through our Toll-free no: +91 18002700268 or by simply sending an email to: info@teletutor.in

All E-Waste can be dropped off at any of the following locations for proper channelization and recycling: Download List of Locations here.